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Hope you find one you like! Time to ramble. Hey, so I do the whole youtube thing, y'know? All the cool kids do and I jumped on it cause why not? I like games, I like talking and I had a computer. So I did. I used to do it as a hobby, but more and more I want to do it as a real thing. I think that we could make something unique in an otherwise very homogenized place. I think we do something interesting and hopefully entertaining. Like, minuscule. So, if you want to watch someone play video games with her boyfriend, sometimes talk about social issues, and mostly just comment on how pretty a game is, maybe give us a shot.

And if you know anyone who would send them our way. But honestly, the biggest thing is that I want to build a community. Not like, whatever the hell fandoms for big channels are, but an actual community, y'know? I want to actually make something that queer and POC people can come to. Just, if you do and you enjoy it, consider passing the channel around.

Aaaaaand if you really like our stuff maybe hit us up on the ole Patreon cause when I move back to England I need to get kit internet that is better than literal dialup omfg. I want to watch more small youtuber content! If you like any of the things that belong on the tags that are here, just message so we an chat. My lovely girlfriend elvenelegy and I will be recording a video for Pride Month in the next few days!

“Bloom”, de Troye Sivan: ¿Quién dijo que en el pop no hay nada por descubrir?

If you have any LGBT related questions or questions about our relationship hit up my inbox! Log in Sign up. In no particular order 1. Please add your suggestions and make my life better! I beg ya! Hey nerds check it out!

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