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Crímenes verdaderos llevados a la literatura 26 Aug Episodio 49 48 Min. Perros literarios 18 Aug Episodio 48 50 Min.

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Escritores de un solo éxito 4 Aug Episodio 47 44 Min. La literatura sale del clóset 15 Jul Episodio 45 51 Min.

Las pestes y epidemias contadas en la literatura 24 Jun Episodio 44 42 Min. El padre en la Literatura 9 Jun Episodio 39 46 Min. Las lenguas indígenas en la literatura y el cine 26 May Episodio 41 49 Min. Las malas madres en la literatura 12 May Episodio 39 46 Min. Escritores de un solo éxito 28 Apr Episodio 37 45 Min. Escritores visionarios 1 Apr Episodio 35 43 Min. Escritores suicidas 24 Mar Episodio 34 45 Min. La mujer invisible en la Literatura. El amor en la poesía y la narrativa 17 Feb Episodio 31 45 Min.

La literatura en tiempo de carnavales 10 Feb Episodio 30 45 Min. Dictadores en la literatura latinoamericana 4 Feb Episodio 29 46 Min. La literatura llevada al cine 27 Jan Episodio 28 44 Min. Lima como protagonista en la Literatura 20 Jan Episodio 27 45 Min. Las crónicas en la cultura popular y su trascendencia en la literatura 14 Jan Episodio 26 45 Min. Los monstruos imaginarios en la Literatura 6 Jan Episodio 25 43 Min.

Personajes de Letras en el tiempo que hicieron noticia en 30 Dec Episodio 24 47 Min. Los libros que cuentan sobre otros libros 18 Nov Episodio 19 42 Min. El luto como género literario 14 Oct Episodio 14 44 Min. Las historias, secretos y misterios que guardan las bibliotecas 30 Sep Episodio 13 44 Min. Los cómics como forma de expresión y lectura 10 Sep Episodio 12 45 Min. Historias sobre la memoria colectiva 31 Aug Episodio 10 46 Min. We talk about this throughout her entire episode. Hoy hablamos de un importante valor cultural, la limpieza. Discutimos la vergüenza que ha tenido la limpieza, las inseguridades de pedir ayuda para la limpieza, o incluso contratar ayuda para la limpieza, de dónde proviene el resentimiento cuando hay una falta de ayuda, limpieza cuando se trata de niños y cómo reconciliar los estilos de limpieza con otros con quien vivimos con.

Nuestra invitada: Lorena Salazar es una latina de primera generación criada en Inglewood California. Ella creció en un hogar mexicano donde la salud mental nunca se hablo de o incluso se reconoció, sino que se vio como un "defecto personal" o característica personal.

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La madre de Lorena era una limpiadora de casa y se dio cuenta de que en realidad era un mecanismo de afrontamiento para los adultos en su hogar. Hasta hace poco no sé habido discusiones abiertamente de la salud mental en su familia. Ayuda de limpieza para personas mayores: Autoridad de Vivienda- Asistencia de limpieza de servicios para familias judías para personas mayores- Today we discuss an important cultural value, cleaning. For a lot of people in our community, cleaning is one of the elements that gives us status, or perhaps one of the things that we truly have control over.

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Today we discuss today is immigration and the political climate going on. She creatively mixes legal rights and arts with her company, Participate, through workshops using hand-on experimental art mediums, like clay and cooking. We talk about the current political climate, the separation of children and families at the border, what to do if you are undocumented, and answer some interesting questions we received from our audience! We also discuss myths about congenital twins and what their support looks like!

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We are back from a mid-season break! Expect episodes weekly going forward! Gloria Lucas talks to us about some points! Like the womxn of color that came before, she creates spaces for marginalized folks to support each other and heal from the trauma of colonialism, eurocentric beauty ideals, and disordered eating in communities of color.

The directory on Latinx Therapy is up! If you are a mental health professional in private practice and looking to get enrolled in our directory, email me at info latinxtherapy. If you or someone you know is struggling with disordred eating, you can contact the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at no cost: Colonization, Food, and the Practice of Eating by Dr. The website is LIVE. This website is fully bilingual and you'll be able to find the newest directory of Latinx Therapists and Psychologists. We are still undergoing sign ups so please be patient with us.

In this directory there are very culture specific realities that you can choose from such as English Speaking Anxiety, Farmworkers, Immigration, Acculturation, among many others. You can find professionals who are conducting immigration evaluations, too! You can filter by state and need. All the shows are currently being transcribed so that our deaf and hard of hearing community can have access to them. They should be complete by next week! I really want my site to be fully accessible to all. You can contact us at info latinxtherapy. Within the next week you'll be able to order it online.

Roughly , teens between 15 and 19 became pregnant in Latinas have the highest teen-pregnancy rate of any group. The birth rate per 1, girls for white teens in California is nine, compared to a rate of 29 for Latina teens. As I mentioned though, the rates for teen pregnancies in our community is drastically decreasing and I think a large part of this is due to the openness and education that we are sharing as generations go by. In this episode, I go into what it was like to confront my ex's family, being in college with a son, what my schedule looked like, my dreams and wishes as a year old, how I was stigmatized as a teen mom, and I give advice to parents who have teen mom daughters.

There is often control because of their age, but I talk about the disservice and identity formation that is occurring. If you would like to donate to the podcast, you can do so on Venmo LatinxTherapy, or Zelle sponsor latinxtherapy. All proceeds will go to the community projects. Teen pregnancy is defined by someone who has a child between the ages of About , teens get pregnant each year, mostly between the ages 17 to 19 Kost, et al.

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While Latinxs currently have the highest teen birth rates, they have also had a dramatic recent decline in rates. In this solo episode, I share my personal experience with getting pregnant at age 19 and becoming a single mother during my undergraduate schooling in Santa Barbara, CA.

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I discuss general and personal mental health effects, cultural beliefs and common mentalities that Latinx teens and their parents experience. I also explore the barriers to sex education, such as family beliefs, shame, and Catholicism. I provide advice to young girls, parents and therapists. Kost K, et al. Teenage pregnancies, births and abortions: National and state trends and trends by race and ethnicity. Guttmacher Institute. Welcome to the second break the stigma episode of this season!

Today we talk with an actress and mental health advocate, Noemi Gonzalez. Noemí Gonzalez is a first-generation immigrant from Mexico and a first-generation actress from within her family. She has also been featured in theatre productions, several commercials, and was hand-selected to be an ABC Diversity Showcase Participant. Today, we dive into her story of strength as it relates to her family and experience with therapy. She talks to us about her experience with her childhood religion and how her congregation took care of the sexual abuse she encountered as a minor.